Audco Globe Valve

Audco Globe Valve

Audco Globe Valve, Audco Globe Valve at best price in Mumbai,India
Audco globe valves is a linear motion valve used to start, stop & regulate the fluid flow. The Globe Valve can be removed entirely from the flow path, or it can completely close the flow path. During closing and opening of Audco Globe Valve disc moves perpendicularly to the seat. Audco Globe Valve is mostly used valve in water line and high pressure steam. movement is parallel to the flow of the fluid.The advantage of this valve is that it can be used for throttling purpose and where positive shutoff is required. Audco Globe Valve is used for isolation and regulation purpose. Globe valves, also called because of their outside shape, are mostly used in plant piping. They are suitable for automatic and manual operation.
Having the valve seat parallel to the line of flow is an important feature of the Globe Valve. Audco Make Astm A217 Gr. C12, C5, LCB,WC9 Globe Valve. This feature makes the globe valve efficient when throttling commodities as well as yielding minimal seat and disk erosion. The applications of Audco Globe Valve o 1500# Globe Valve include Cooling water systems where flow needs to be regulated, Feedwater, condenser air extraction, chemical feed and extraction drain systems.

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Temperature of Media: Normal Temperature, High Temperature, Low Temperature, Medium Temperature
Condition: New
Media: Air, Gas, Water, Fuel, Powder/Solids
Brand: AUDCO

Specifications: BS 1873 | 2″ to 24″ | ASME 150 to 2500

Body and Bonnet: Cast with uniform sections, precision machined.

In-Situ Hard-Faced Body Seat: Eliminates leakage path between seat ring and body.

Guided Plug-Type Disc, Free-Floating Stem-Disc Connection: Uniform seating.