Uni Klinger UKL High Pressure Gate Valves

Uni Klinger UKL High Pressure Gate Valves

Uni Klinger UKL High-Pressure Gate Valves are manufactured to the latest International designs, using the latest, State of the Art technology and a strict quality control system. These valves are exceptionally Sturdy, Rugged and Durable. They are designed for a tight Seal, ease of operation with inbuilt Quality and Integrity for a long service life UNI KLINGER UKL High-Pressure Valves are manufactured in Gate as well as Globe valve types. Gate valves – probably the most common valves in use today, esp.where an uninterrupted flow is required, because the gate fully retracts into the bonnet, creating a minimal pressure drop, when the valve is in an open position. Gate valves are specifically intended for use in isolation applications.

Globe valves -the main advantage is that a globe valve opens more rapidly than a gate valve as the disc only needs to move a small distance from its seat to allow full flow. This is an advantage when there is the frequent operation of the valve.

The disadvantage is that the fluid has to change course, increasing the resistance to flow and generating turbulence. This results in a higher pressure drop across a globe valve than a gate valve. Globe valves are designed to close off, open up or throttle the flow in a pipeline.

The Pressure Seal Bonnet: Another very effective type of Bonnet construction apart from the standard Bolted Bonnet type in a gate/Globe valve is the Pressure, Seal Bonnet. This construction is adopted for valves for high to very high-pressure service. The unique feature about the pressure seal bonnet is that the Body – Bonnet joints seal improves as the internal pressure in the valve increases, compared to other constructions where the increase in internal pressure tends to create leaks in the body-bonnet joint.

  • Power Stations, Thermal & Cogeneration Power Plants, Nuclear Power Plants, Petrochemical, Chemical, Process and other General Industries, Sugar, Refineries, Fertilizers, Steel, Off-Shore &On-Shore Platforms.
  • Media of applications include Water, Steam [Saturated / Superheated] Oil and Gas, Hydrocarbons, NACE and Sour Services, LNG & Natural Gas, Oxygen and Hydrogen Services and many other Aggressive and Non-Aggressive applications.

Range: UNI KLINGER UKL High Pressure
Gate and Globe Valves Sizes: 15mm [0.5] to 250mm [10]
End Connections: 15mm to 40mm – Forged Steel, Welded Bonnet, SW / BW Ends 50mm to 250mm Cast Alloy Steels – straight type BWE
As per ASME B16.34: Pressure Classes 1500 and 2500.
Materials: (as per ASME B-16.34) # 1500 , # 2500 in A-216 WCB for temperature 0o C to 425deg. C # 1500 , # 2500 in A-217 WC-6 / WC-9 for temperature 00 C to 593 deg. C Other material on request
Brand: Uni Klinger Valves

  • Pressure Seal Bonnet Design
  • Stellite Hard faced Seat and Disc
  • Direct Retro-fitted Actuator / Gear Box arrangement as applicable
    Graphite Seal rings and Packings.
  • All valves up to 40mm are Outside Screw and Yoke, Welded Bonnet type, rising stem renewable seat, for Gate valves. Globe valves will have Integral seat. All valves 50mm and above are Outside screw and Yoke, Rising Stem and with Pressure Seal Bonnet. Gate Valves shall be with Flexible wedge type Gate. Globe Valves shall have Conical type Disc.

Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit), T/T (Bank Transfer), D/P, D/A, other
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

  • Pressure Seal Bonnet Design
  • Stellite Hard faced Seat and Disc